I should explain myself.
I am not myself.
Not the one I was yesterday.
Not the one I will be tomorrow.
What a curious road to walk down the rabbit hole.
Should I have tea or take a step?
Imagine if my reality was my imagination.
What would my imagination be?
Yet another step.
In Wonderland, the boundaries of reality are but mere suggestions.
A world of my own, in a teacup of nonsense.
Spoons of me churn my perception of me.
I take a step further.
Down yet another rabbit hole.

Photography: @pallikaras_
Ph. assistant: @frosso_margaroni
Styling: @vinyl_face
Fashion designer: @xenofon.ology
Muse: @vi.shoom @fashioncult_models
MUA: @antigoniakritidou
Hair: @alikh_theodorou
Location: @the.aura.studio
Shoes: @makiskotrisgr
Special thanks to @irou_

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