I love exploring new places. Exploring forests is one of the most beautiful experiences. It's exciting to walk through every bypath this place has and appreciate every unique type of nature this ecosystem offers. Birds, foxes, frogs, plants, insects - it's like a magic place I want to be a part of. Every adventure has its beauty and also its difficulties, but I always want to go one step further.
Parallelizing forests with the years of my life, I can recognize many similarities. Both have a beginning and an ending. They create this exciting feeling while you start exploring them and trying to find the right path. The two offer you exciting moments but also back-breaking.
I always wanted to go one step further, but it started to bring a lot of pressure and stress. So much I stopped having a good time.
To be honest, I was so obsessed with leveling up that I lost more than I could imagine.
So, now, if we parallelize also the grass with pure cold concrete, if I didn't try to romanticize everything in my life, you could see the coldness I really feel. You could also see tears running through my face nonstop. You could see someone tired of everything, leaving himself to his fate.
Maybe this level isn't for me. I tried so hard to keep up that I lost myself.
Perhaps taking a step back is ok sometimes. Because grass is way better than concrete.

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