The Εvolution of Ηumans created communities, communities created beliefs and beliefs became "truths". These "truths" created borders, sins, gods and wars. Events that applied to human nature as obvious. Things you have to believe and obey. Things we are not allowed to dispute for many centuries. Your body for thousands of years is something you have to cover. One way or another, one religion or another, it is a moving sin. It must be covered as well as your emotions. Your naked body is a sin to the community. Woman's breast, nurturing life itself, is inappropriate to be shown. We separate the clothless body to nude and naked. The Innocent, artistic way to show a body and a more sexual, sinful way. My naked body has no way to be exposed. My body is part of nature. Nature hasn't created anything guilty. Humans did. Nature doesn't distinguish different sexes' breasts. Humans do. Nature didn't set boarders or separate human species. Nature didn't name any human God we must believe in.

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